Finally…Menswear sewing is getting noticed!

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Firstly Happy New Year to you all! Yes I know my posting has been slow of late but Christmas and New Year is always a busy time. I had planned to post about my makes from 2018 and end of year review, my plans for 2019 and a few other things but I didn’t. Sorry […]


Handworked Milanese Buttonholes

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So in my last post I introduced you to handworked buttonholes. I promised I would show you the Milanese version so here it is. The Milanese is more decorative, usually applied to the lapel and whilst the general technique is the same, there are a few differences in construction. What makes the Milanese stand out, […]


Handworked Buttonhole Tutorial

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The buttonhole: A simple, practical piece of thread engineering that stops our clothes from falling off (or bits of us escaping)! You will, when sewing, come across the need to make them. Lots of garments rely on buttons and the associated hole. Now most sewing machines have the capabilities of making buttonholes for you, which […]

Basting – Not just for Turkeys!

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I was chatting today in a Facebook sewing group and discussing hand sewing and this led me to talk about basting. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression but do you do it? Do you take the time to baste your pieces together before sewing them up? Go on be honest…. If you are new to […]

Lets talk Sewing Machines – Janome MC6700P

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It is amazing to think, the first sewing machine dates back to 1790! That is 228 years ago! Of course things move on and things get better (well usually), and that is the case with sewing machines. We have moved from mechanical hand/treadle power into electric power. We have gone from 1 stitch to hundreds […]

Sewing magazines. The need for change.

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This post has taken me a long time to write and indeed taken a lot of thought. We live In a World where things change at an unprecedented speed: We also, sadly, see many things that take forever to change. Now I’m not going to start talking about politics or religion and things that I […]

Crafting for Charity

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Its always nice to make things for yourself and often nicer to make things for others. Making for charity is even better, knowing your efforts will go towards helping others. So when the opportunity came up to make something for the David Adams Leukaemia Appeal Fund, I just couldn’t resist. This Friday they will be […]


Janome – UK 50th Anniversary

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On the 1st of October 2018, Janome Sewing Machine Co. turns 50! Well, here in the UK. Janome are world leaders when it comes to making excellent quality sewing machines and if you sew, you will have heard of them? Of course Janome have existed for a lot longer than 50 years! To celebrate they […]